Laboratory Services

GDL is the most progressive and trusted institute in India with a rock solid credibility which is proving enough for diamond graders to use GDL’s diamond grading reports as bench marks.

GDL is the only gem testing trade laboratory in India, which has got a full fledged research centre which is approved by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, as a SIRO Laboratory. All kinds of gemstones are tested and reports are issued for identification of natural or synthetic, various kinds of treatments for colour and clarity, country of origin etc. The Laboratory is fully equipped with the State-of-the-Art and highly sophisticated gem testing instruments. The Laboratory is managed by highly qualified and India’s most experienced gemmologists and scientists.

About GDL’s Certification Services
Objectivity and independence are the virtues of all GDL reports and services and GDL has elaborate processes in place to ensure items anonymity through the grading process. Upon arrival to the Laboratory, for every article all references to its owner are removed or concealed. It is assigned a bar-coded label with a unique internal identification number that is used to track it throughout the process. Furthermore, client information is masked within the software, thus ensuring that the identity of owner is kept as a secret for the purpose of an unbiased testing and certification.

Certification of origin became a major issue since similar looking inclusions were observed in deposits in different parts of the World. Standard gem testing instruments could no longer be used to determine origin with satisfactory accuracy.

The solution to this problem was found in analysis using sophisticated instruments-like of FTIR, UV Visible, Raman, and also elemental analysis under EDXRF etc.

Thus the inclusions study, supported by the spectral analysis and the elemental study became the ultimate means to determine positively the origin of various gemstones.