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GDL grades the widest variety of gemstones and jewelry in more corners of the world than any other gemological organization.

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Upholding the highest standards of quality, GDL has set up an international standard laboratory, furnished with cutting-edge gem testing equipment, modern technology, and extremely qualified gemologists who test and certify your diamonds and gemstones.

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GDL is the most progressive and trusted institute in India with a rock solid credibility which is proving enough for diamond graders to use GDL’s diamond grading reports as bench marks.

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  • I gained a lot of insight and knowledge which eliminated a lot of mis-conceptions about gemstones. As a member of Forum of Indian Gemologists I have always been able to keep my knowledge updated.

    Further taking inspiration from me another 5 members of my family including my wife and both sons have also taken the gemmology course of GDL.

    Manoj KumarSunshine Jewellers Mumbai

  • Being associated with Global Diamond Laboratory (GDL) has been one of the most enriching experience of my life. GDL has not only provided in depth knowledge of gemstones and diamonds but also expanded my vision in this trade.

    Vikas MehtaMehta & Sons. Gujrat

Importance of Certification

How do you know when you intend to buy a diamond or a diamond jewel that the gem is corresponding to what the jeweler describes to you?

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